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Charter Senior Living Life Enrichment Coordinator in US, Illinois

  • Life Enrichment Coordinator*

  • Why Charter Senior Living?*

“I believe in the Charter Mission. To Enhance the Human Spirit. I do this every day as I help care for our residents. They may need extra help throughout the day, but I know during these times that I am enhancing their spirit. I feel honored to make such a difference in someone’s life!

  • Offering Health Insurance for Full Time Associates *

  • Charter Benefits:*

  • Competitive Hourly Wage

  • Perfect Attendance bonus offered monthly- Earn an extra $100 per month (after taxes).

  • Health Insurance

  • 401K

  • Tuition Reimbursement

  • Employee Referral Bonus

  • Resident Referral Bonus

  • -Charter Senior Living Associate *

Your potential is unlimited. As a small boutique company, we are committed to helping each of our Associates have more than just a “job”. We want each of our associates to feel like they have a career and an opportunity to grow. Learn more about Charter and how you can become part of an organization that is committed to the future of their Associates.


The Life Enrichment Coordinator will be responsible for the planning, implementation, and supervision of the day-to-day social, educational, recreational, spiritual and therapeutic individual and group activities, entertainment and transportation services for the residents living in the community. This position also concerns itself with the achievement of occupancy development goals through coordination with the management of the promotion of the community to the general public; through innovation, successful planning, implementation, resident participation and direct supervision of all activities.

Other: Willing to work shift assigned, weekends, and holidays. Ability to work independently with minimum supervision; problem-solving, conflict management, budgeting.

  1. Plan, implement and supervise activities to suit a variety of interests and skill levels for the residents using resident comments and input. Activities may include but are not limited to: parties, games, weekly exercises, church services, book reading and clubs, crafts, baking and cooking, outside entertainment, travel and transportation, special activities at holidays, fundraisers for specific projects, and resident's birthdays and anniversaries.

  2. Effectively encourage and actively promote residents participate in activities/social services through internal, formal and informal communication networks.

  3. Plan "In-community" seminars or lecture series' quarterly for residents, families, and friends.

  4. Involve and assist the Residents Council and Resident Meetings by playing a key role in their monthly meetings.

  5. Participate in local activity planners association. Cooperate and exchange ideas and calendars with Life Enrichment Coordinators in affiliated retirement communities.

  6. Establish and make available voting services at the community to encourage and promote outside involvement.

  7. Develop programs, activities, seminars, and lectures for the monthly calendar. Print, mail and post the activities calendars in order to keep all residents and the community aware of the activities going on in the community. Edit and publish the monthly newsletter. Distribute and mail to all residents, prospective residents, family members, community contacts, and employees to keep them informed of things going on in the community.

  8. Drive residents to planned events, activities, or appointments using the community van.

  9. At the direction of the Executive Director, work with consultants and other outside resources to provide a well-balanced program for the residents.

  10. Visit with and interview all new residents within two (2) weeks of occupancy to learn more about them and their individual attributes, abilities, background, interests, preferences, etc.

  11. Innovate, plan, promote and supervise all activities, entertainment, transportation programs that meet the minimum standards of the community and accommodate the broad spectrum of individual and collective interests, attributes and abilities of the residents. Monitor for shifts in preferences, values, and attitudes using personal interviews, approved surveys, resident committees, suggestion boxes, etc., to augment personal observation.

  12. Recruit, train, retain and supervise a full complement of volunteers and staff who are capable and motivated to devote their best efforts to the discharge of the responsibilities contained in their job descriptions and who present a professional demeanor to residents and prospective residents.

  13. Ensure accurate record-keeping of all records related to planning, supervision, and implementation of activities and entertainment for residents of the community and prospective residents to the community, and ensure the complete communication thereof to the management of the community as may be requested from time-to-time.

  14. Ensure efficient and effective use of all activities/social services department and community resources; human resources and monetary resources with established budgetary guidelines.

  15. Present a professional demeanor that communicates to current and prospective residents the corporate philosophy of service, goodwill, and genuine interest in the resident’s unique needs. Conduct yourself and your business at all times so as not to detract from or reflect adversely on the reputation of the property. Handle all resident concerns and complaints with finesse and in a caring, polite and professional manner.

  16. Communicate and channel to the supervisor, all residents, personnel and other matters and information which could concern or be in any way beneficial to the employer.

  17. Promote a thorough and continuous understanding among all employees of the importance of the activities department to the quality of life for all residents and prospective residents.

  18. Reexamine, modify and test old activities/ideas that failed to produce resident and community involvement. These previous activities/ideas may work now or have greater success.

  19. Assist at the front desk and cover for missing staff members when necessary.

  20. Represent the community by giving tours and marketing the community as needed.

  21. Perform such other tasks as may be required from time-to-time.


  • Exposure to blood/body fluid not likely


  • Push, pull, and lift at least 50 pounds. Must be able to stand, walk, stoop and/or bend for periods of up to eight hours with breaks as provided for in the employee handbook. Frequent transporting of residents in a wheelchair.


  • Must possess a current state-specific driver's license and CDL if applicable. Must possess a clean driving record that will be approved by the Company’s insurance carrier and the Company’s standards. Annual driving record checks will be performed to ensure consistent and safe driving patterns are met.

  • Good communication skills, verbal and written; English language skills adequate to allow communication with residents and staff, and to understand written and verbal instructions. Compassion for the elderly. Self-motivated.