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LEICA BIOSYSTEMS Formulations Packaging Associate in LAKE VILLA, Illinois

JOB REQUIREMENTS: Leica Biosystems Richmond, Inc. is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, gender, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity, or any other characteristic protected by law. Position Summary The position is responsible for the following: Review work orders and produce product specified on work orders, complete manufacturing paperwork and supporting quality documentation and oversee efficient utilization of equipment and labor within the work cell to meet production schedules. Follow standard work process and department SOP's. Setting up of equipment per SOP or work instructions. Major Responsibilities Responsible and accountable for producing quality work to prescribed standards, with a focus on continuous improvement to meet customer commitments on schedule Follows written work instructions. Must maintain a safe work environment by adhering to all safety procedures including those which govern the handling of materials, chemicals, tools, and equipment. Proper use of required PPE Operate equipment such as scales, volumetric glassware, manual dispensing equipment Accurately complete batch record documentation, all appropriate logbook entries, and GMP documentation Perform inspection, labeling, and final packaging of the manufactured product Cleans stills, other equipment, and relevant work areas. Small or light assembly work is required May be required to work overtime (10-hour days) and weekends (Saturdays 6 to 8 hours) Attach identification labels to finished packaged items, or cut stencils and stencil information on containers, such as lot numbers or shipping destinations. Adjust machine components and machine tension and pressure according to size or processing angle of product. Clean and remove damaged or otherwise inferior materials to prepare raw products for processing. Monitor the production line, watching for problems such as pile-ups, jams, or glue that isn't sticking properly. Inspect and remove defective products and packaging material. Count and record finished and rejected packaged items. Regulate machine flow, speed, or temperature. Remove finished packaged items from machine and separate rejected items. Stack finished packaged items, or wrap protective material around each item, and pack the items in cartons or containers. Sort, grade, weigh, and inspect products, verifying and adjusting product weight or measurement to meet specifications. Supply materials to spindles, conveyors, hoppers, or other feeding devices and unload packaged product. Stop or reset machines when malfunctions occur, clear machine jams, and report malfunctions to a supervisor. Tend or operate machine that packages product. Start machine by engaging controls. Stock and sort product for packaging or filling machine operation, and replenish packaging supplies, such as wrapping paper, plastic sheet, boxes, cartons, glue, ink, or labels. Secure finished packaged items by hand tying, sewing, gluing, stapling, or attaching fastener. Package the product in the form in which it will be sent out, for example, filling bags with flour from a chute or spout. Observe machine operations to ensure quality and conformity of filled or packaged products to standards. ***** OTHER EXPERIENCE AND QUALIFICATIONS: Desired Education, Experience, Skills Education: High School Diploma/GED required Experience/Skills: 1-year experience in Healthcare manufacturing setting Experience/Skills/Competencies/Behaviors: Relevant industry experience a plus Must be able to pass respirator fit test Intermediate computer skills, including emails and basic spreadsheet (data entry) Ability to maintain clean and orderly workspace Must be goal oriented, results driven Effectively communicate while wearing a respirator mask Must be able to work effectively in a group and ind ependently Self-motivated and willing to accept temporary responsibilities outside of normal job duties Comfortable working in a fast-changing company environment and able to adjust workload based on changing priorities Must be able to perform basic math (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) ***** APPLICATION INSTRUCTIONS: E-Mail a R sum : Apply Online: