Sinai Health System Pharmacy Technician - Registry in Chicago, Illinois


The Pharmacy Technician is responsible for preparing for dispensing unit dose medications and IV admixtures, medication delivery rounds to nursing units, medication charge/credits, ordering, receiving and checking drug inventory, etc.


  • Adheres to all Hospital/Departmental Policies. Must be able to explain policy and procedures accurately.

  • Accurately fills, checks and re-checks all orders (stats, unit dose, IVs, floor stock, etc. ) to prevent errors.

  • Accurately labels all medications prior to pharmacist checking order. Does NOT dispense any medication without a pharmacist's approval.

  • Fills all cart fill reports, crash carts, anesthesia drug kits, floor stock, and departmental requests daily as needed.

  • Runs reports, fills below PAR report, maintains proper documentation.

  • Coordinates buying efforts closely with the buyer to ensure adequate supplies are maintained.

  • Prepackages medications as needed.

  • Employee maintains a neat, clean, well-groomed appearance and work area. Restock and rotate stock in unit-dose, IV admixture areas.

  • Demonstrates knowledge of Safety and Infection Control (i.e. uses aseptic technique while preparingLVP, IVPB, TPN, PCA, Epidural, Chemos, etc) Policies and Procedures. Reports any unsafe/unsanitary practices and conditions to the director.

  • Attends and participates in staff meetings, general assembly meetings, teams, programs, committees, and functions as required.

  • Displays ability to prioritize workload, strives to make good use of time; works to complete all tasks within time frames, recognizes when additional effort is needed and takes action without being asked, reports free time to supervisor; and assists others as requested.

  • Consistently prepares narcotics and maintenance of proper record keeping.

  • Is in compliance with Holy Cross Hospital Attendance Standards.

  • Employee shows ability to work well under pressure in a busy atmosphere.

  • Strives to improve recognized personal weaknesses; sets goals and works diligently to achieve them. Willingly accepts suggestions for improvements.

  • Put away drug orders and maintain proper documentation.

  • Maintains all pharmacy logs/records as defined by depart.policies and procedures (cart fill check list, refridge logs, etc)

  • Completes other duties/projects as assigned by manager/director.


  • Bilingual a plus but not required.

  • High School graduate or equivalent.

  • PTCB Certification preferred.

  • Illinois licensed pharmacy technician by the Department of Professional Regulations.