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GREEN LIGHT NATIONAL Lighting Installation Laborer in Chicago, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: *Lighting Installation Laborer*Green Light National ("The Company") is pleased to offer you employmentinitially as an installation laborer. Should you accept this opportunity, youagree to, and are bound by, the following terms and conditions:1. Position:a. Installation Team Member2. Hours Full Time3. Start Date: Jan 1st 20204. Responsible for:a. Self-Training, Self-Education, and Personal Developmentb. Assist in installing Lighting projectsc. Activities include, but are not limited to:i. Complete the OSHA online training course (paid by GLN).ii.Opening, organizing, and prepping new LED fixtures forinstallationiii. Removing, dismantling, and organizing old fixtures fordisposal and recyclingiv. Use of a lift, scissors or boom, to assist the electricians inhanging or removing lights for installations (lift trainingprovided).v. Learning the positions above yours, so that you can move up andtake more responsibility within the company. (internal trainingprovided)1.5. You will make no representations, warranties, or commitments binding theCompany without our prior consent, nor do you have any authority to sign anydocuments or incur any indebtedness on the Company's behalf.6. The company employs you At Will , and can terminate your employment at anytime. Likewise, you are free to resign at any time, with or without cause.7. Compensation:!1a. Initial Contract Employee Position is a salaried position paying$35,000 per Yeari. The above salary will be paid in 2 installments. Payments comeon the 15th, and final day of each month.ii.You will also be paid the following on a monthly basis:1. 50% Health Insurance Entitlement2. 3% match of your 401K contribution3. $50 Per month phone allotmentiii.Total Gross Monthly Compensation: $2,967b. Expensesi. Expenses must be submitted with receipts by the month following,or they are subject to non-reimbursementc. The above is consideration for all services to be rendered pursuant tothis agreement.d. Incentive plan subject to change.e. Termination of employment stops all payments for any unexecutedcontracts.8. You agree and represent that you owe the Company the highest duty ofloyalty. This means that you will never make secret profits at the Company'sexpense, will not accept kickbacks or special favors from Customers orManufacturers, and will protect Company property.9. While acting as an employee for the Company, you will not directly orindirectly, own an interest in, operate, control, or be connected as anemployee, agent, independent contractor, partner, shareholder or principalin any company which markets products, goods or services which directly, orindirectly, compete with the business of the Company.10.All lists and other records relating to the Customers of the Company,whether prepared by you or given to you by the Company during the term ofthis Agreement, are the property of the Company and shall be returnedimmediately upon termination or resignation of your employment.11.All communications, e-mails, phones, and vehicles, are the property of TheCompany and as such can be monitored and used in disciplinary action.!212.There shall be no change, amendment or modification of this Agreement unlessit is reduced to writing and signed by both parties. This Agreement cancelsand supersedes all prior agreements and understandings.13.Please note all correspondence done on company servers, phones, computers,or by any other means are company property and subject to observance ormonitoring.14.Sexual harassment of any kind will not be tolerated and will result intermination.`` ``15.Any fabrications on applicant's resume will result in termination.16.Driving under the influence of any mind altering substances, includingalcohol, on company time is prohibited.17.The utmost in professionalism is expected at all times both inside andoutside the company.