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Northern Trust Company Entry-Level Accounting and Finance - ChicagoEntry-Level Accounting and Finance - Chicago - 20071 in Chicago, Illinois

This job was posted by : For more information, please see: Entry-Level Finance and Accounting Full-Time nEntry-Level Finance and Accounting roles primarily work with our Alternative nFund Services, Private Equity, Corporate Audit, Asset Services Financial nReporting and Fund Accounting, and Hedge Fund Services Financial Control nbusiness lines. See detailed department descriptions below.Northern nTrust Finance and Accounting roles provide valuation accounting and nadministration services to investment manager clients and other internal ncustomers within the bank. Accounting departments deliver net asset values and nincome details for various investment products. They also support fund nadministration and regulatory reporting services. Utilizing global operating nplatforms ensures that client reporting is driven from a single transaction nsource and enables delivery of a full suite of online tools including daily nperformance and compliance monitoring already available to sophisticated ninstitutional investors.The nkey responsibilities of the role include:?Calculate and deliver net asset values nfor various commingled fund products, including registered mutual funds, nprivate equity, partnerships, hedge funds, fund of funds, and collective ntrusts.?Provides performance data for nindividual manager portfolios through the processing and reconciliation of naccounting in the appropriate system.?Daily reviews of diversified ntransactions, performing maintenance on assigned accounts according to nprocedures, including checking and correcting discrepancies, verifying outside nfunds, and reviewing transactions.?Audits investment reports, cash nstatements, and supplemental reporting to verify that data is correctly posted nand transactions properly classified. Writes inquiries to resolve audit ndiscrepancies.?Verifies report schedules, ensuring nthat reports sent to clients are accurate and mailed within scheduled ntime frames.?Run daily valuation audits and deliver nvaluation reports to clients.?Investigate and resolve cash/position nexceptions and tolerance breaches.?Understand and reconcile asset life ncycle events between the accounting system and custodians.?Apply accounting and finance nprinciples to numerous asset types.?Demonstrate ability to work well in a nteam environment.?First point of reference for nday-to-day queries. Qualifications:?Bachelor's ndegree in Finance, Accounting, or other relevant areas of study with a December n2020- May/June 2021 graduation date preferred (Start date will be nJanuary/June/July 2021)?Candidates nshould be analytically and technically sound with knowledge of financial nmarkets and some knowledge of investment management operations. Knowledge of naccounting and securities processing procedures, usually acquired through naccounting/finance coursework or prior related experience, is required to nreview and audit reports.?Analytical nskills are required to research and resolve inquiries/data.?Organizational nskills are required to provide client reports within scheduled time frames.?Strong ncommunication skills are required to facilitate the flow of information back and nforth between clients, underlying investors, internal partners, and interested n3rd parties.?Industry nKnowledge is preferred.?Proactive napproach to accuracy and attention to detail.?Ability nto work well under pressure and with tight deadlines.?Proficient nuser of MS Excel.?Knowledgeable nwith investment strategies and/or securities.?Must nunderstand accounting and financial principals for numerous asset classes.Department descriptions:Corporate Audit (Chicago)Asset Services - Financial Reporting (Chicago)Asset nServices is one of the fastest-growing business lines within Northern Trust and nremains a top strategic priority. Our medium and long-term growth plans include na significant emphasis on growing our clients and our capabilities globally, nwhile providing a variety of financial reporting and fund accounting services.Asset Services - Fund Accounting (Chicago)Northern nTrust provides clients an extensive suite of fund accounting services that nleverage our history as a leading global custodian and a